Rain Day (Part 2)

Another rain day.

Just before 8.p.m. they announced on the news that schools will be closed in the easter province and central parts of Saudi Arabia due to rain. Again, this announcement came after the kids went to sleep. I am about to go to sleep and I BETCHA they will be up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at 5.30 am without prompting.

They were up at 5.26 am on the dot. The nanny told them it’s still the middle of the night and they  have to go back to bed (It’s still dark at that time) which worked only for the next hour but better than nothing.

It did rain a lot for about an hour. But it’s been drizzling all day. They probably could have gone to school but I get why they wouldn’t risk it. (people not used to driving on wet roads, risk of some roads being closed off because they are flooded, etc).

We had a really nice day today actually. S has started showing an interest in falconry (like father like son) and it’s about that time of year again (weather is cooling, falcons come out, outing to the deserts are weekly). So they spend the day outside, in the cold, in their sweats and hoodies, and a falcon each. A small S sized one (very tame and broken in) and one big Baba sized one (not so tame, not at all broken in).

They sat there and bonded with their birds. Of course J wanted to join in and it was so lovely to see S teach her what his father taught him (only minutes before). She always surprised me with her bravery. Where other kids would be nervous and second guessing their movements and actions she just goes for it.

After their arms got tired and their hunger levels rose we headed out to a restaurant for a late lunch for us the grownups and an early dinner for them. They behaved really well which was a relief because I didn’t have to listen to myself nag them all through dinner.

We treated them with chocolate eclairs which we regretted when they were still running around like hopped up rabbits 5 minutes before bedtime. But even that didn’t make the night a nightmare. After some, loud but not excessive, protests from J they were both asleep within 10 minutes.

I liked today… the kids looked like they dressed in the dark because we let them wear what they want. S especially, he was wearing jeans with a grey and blue long sleeved shirt, a green and grey lined sweatshirt, a red bandana tied around his forehead and finally orange crocs over thick white socks. Priceless.

So rain days are supposed to be boring. This rain day was lovely and cool and refreshing. My husbands voice in the background is calling up friends and family asking about the level of rain fall. Congratulating the ones who will wake up tomorrow to a suddenly, impossibly, magically transformed desert landscape with greens and purples and beautiful scents that the desert isn’t supposed to have.


    • You should see the desert after a good rainfall. It really is mind baffleling how green it gets. Children have some sort of unfair built in sense that tells them there’s no school! Can’t find a mother who’s children slept in!

  1. hahaha.. my kids did the EXACT same thing! It was kinda dark.. and I told them it was still night time… they marched back to bed without protest and slept another hour or so… it was probably the BEST hour sleep I ever had!!! aaahh bliss! My brother does falconry… but the idea of it freaks me out.. lol.. madri lesh I imagine it coming back and taking out my eye by accident! (I know very weird) Anyway.. your day sounded lovely.. so congrats on a lovey rain day :)

    • Have you ever been around him when he was training a wild falcon? That is freaky. My husband is doing it now so basically we have a falcon living with us. He. Has to get used to our sounds and get used to my husbands voice and being fed by my husband. It’s all fun lol

  2. I passed by to say that I love your blog. Whenever I read a new post you write I say to myself: there is someone who really think like myself, I just can’t explain myself in such a great way as you do mashallah.

    • Hello Moon. Mashallah I just visited your blog and it’s really interesting and very well written. Thank you for your comment and your visits :) And happy to find a new blog to follow!

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