Solids for Baby, Liquids for Mama!

After a short break laying by the sea like a beached whale for a week. I am back. I went on a trip with only biggies* this time to recuperate from the short trip with 12 children I took with Mecca Mummy! In all honestly the first trip was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again! I got sick on the grown ups trip but it’s far better to be sick somewhere like this

Than to be sick at home I guess.

I had so many treatments that at the end I didn’t want another person touching me! I was actually bruised from the massages I had had… oh woe is me. Talk about first world problems. I am so grateful for the break it had been ages since I opened my eyes in the morning and realized there was no one to worry about but myself!

I’m back now with my 4 little monkeys and it’s great. But spending time on a beach and catching a glimpse of my reflection in the window of our cabana is the reason that today I start a 7 day juice diet**! The last time I did a 7 day juice diet I lasted 3 days. This time we will see. The plan is to do the 7 days then go on to a high protein diet till I get back to my normal weight. Baby K is now 6 months and if I don’t start now he will soon be big enough to not be a valid excuse for my lost waistline. (if you know me you’d know it’s not my waist that’s the problem but anyway).

Today is also the day that baby K will have his first solids! I am so excited! We have decided to start him on Avocado. I used to start my first two babies off on baby rice but then after speaking with Raewyn McGrigor and doing some research of my own I realized that it didn’t make sense to start them off on something that is essentially like giving them sugar. We are made to ear real food straight away so Avocado here we come!

*When we were kids we were always the Littlies and the older kids and adults were the Biggies.

**The Juice diet is the Jason Vale one which is really quite nutritious. There are more vegetable and fruits in it than I would ever normally eat which is great. And I didn’t feel hungry last time I tried it. I did feel tired and I missed chewing stuff! And I missed hot food in general. So we’ll see how I get on with this one. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the waist-line, our Mr Butterfly is now three years old and I am only now really getting back to MY shape. Our older two boys started with avocado as a first food and still love it – they will eat them like apples! Great beach, wish I had been there.

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