Chew Chew

Second day of Juice diet and I cannot tell you how bored I am… I miss hot food and chewing stuff. It hasn’t been so bad though. I have a mild headache which is probably from the sudden lack of caffein and processed sugar.

Halfway through today I felt like there was no way I would do the 7 days. I told my husband that I will probably only do 3 because I’m craving chinese food!

Thats when he reminded me that last time I did the diet I quit after 3 days. So this means there’s no way I’m quitting now. And i did the stupid thing of telling you all I’m going to do this. Anyway, day 4 I get to have some soup! woohoo!  Only 5 more days. Piece of cake! I wish!


  1. Hang in there buddy! I eat when I’m bored, but I’ve found that Waitrose has this line of soups which is only 58 calories a cup- or something and its the perfect snack and/or meal for me nowadays. I don’t know if you get that in Saudi.
    Last time I did a detox diet it wasn’t a pretty sight. My inner bitch came out in all her sugar starved glory. Although you can have fruit so that’s not too bad.
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    • Thank you! I’m ok so far Bitch wise. As you said there’s loads of fruit in the diet so thats probably keeping me at bay. Day three starts and I’m drinking hot water and lemon. lovely.

    • Yay! Thank you! That means so much. In all honesty it’s not just aesthetics that is making me want to loose weight it’s the fact that I’m 33 in December and I know it doesn’t get easier to keep fit from now on rather harder. So I really want to get into a proper routine! And yes I want to fit into those damn jeans!

  2. I have no idea why you would want to do this, so I am going to be no help what so ever…Hope you get the results you want, is probably the best I can do. Turns out I’m not much of a friend afterall!

    • You are a great friend. You’d be a terrible one had you lied and told me you thought this was a great idea lol. You’re not the only one who is wondering why the hell I’m doing this. I want to break bad habits and this is the only way I know how!

  3. Sidenote: I can’t believe you will be turning 33 with four kids Mashallah and I am 27 with none! Pressure to get on with it, especially since I want a large family. I swear london living is not conducive to babies. Where will I keep baby and additional paraphanelia!?

    • Lol London the land of the yummy mummy! You have time. And you’ll make room. I always said that in London u don’t need a big house cause you have London outside! Get somewhere beside a park and go forth and copulate lol. How big f a big family??

      • Three? It was four once upon a time but I think that ship has sailed. I’d be lucky to get three in.
        I agree that London has a lot of open spaces, but generally houses are tiny and it is so easy to feel cramped. Also help is so expensive and I work fulltime etc. the list goes on.
        But yes, as my mother says, have faith in God, its his job to provide!

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