3.5 Down, 3.5 To Go!

A lot of people are asking me why the hell am I doing this diet. I don’t have massive amounts of weight to lose and it seems drastic to them. I have gotten a couple of phone calls and emails saying how dangerous it is and how bad it is. So I thought I would address those emails and questions here. The idea behind this diet is not only to lose weight but to break some bad eating habits I have developed over the years and this is the only way I know how! I don’t do things gradually, it’s either all or nothing for me. My brain doesn’t understand cutting down.

I’m not saying I quit food now by the way. I love food! Food makes me happy!! I just need to quit the bad food I started eating. I’m quitting all soda’s. I did this for 3 years once and didn’t miss them. I am quitting refined sugar as much as possible. Not going to be ridiculous about it I will have desserts and sweets sometimes but no more sugar in drinks. I will quit caffeine on a daily basis. Let the latte’s and the cappuccino’s be a treat.

I want to find a balance between being healthy and being happy. Those don’t always go hand in hand! I don’t want to be deprived. So I’m going to try to stick to the 80/20 rule. If you do 80% of the things right your body can cope with the 20% that is wrong.

So that’s why I’m doing this diet. Also, I’m sick of not fitting into anything I own! What you have to understand as well is that I am not a person who has a ccopious amount of will power so this is a thing for me! Secondly I am not a person who thinks I neeeeeeed to lose weight or spends time obsessing about it. On the contrary, I should worry more maybe. I have the opposite of body dysmorphic disorder. I look in the mirror, at any weight, and think wow… I look quite good considering how over weight I am. Then when I lose the weight and look at the pictures I realize I was delusional!

Half of day four, looking soooo forward to soup! Had a cheat yesterday. Was invited out to dinner at Bateel restaurant (best food ever) and had a bresaola salad. Skipped a shake in the evening to compensate. Not bothered. There was the best smelling risotto on the table followed by hot date cake with ice cream and I still only had salad. بطلة!! (champion).


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