So What Happened With The Diet?

Well, I did it! I did the full week only messing up twice by having a salad instead of a shake! So sue me. I’m damn proud of myself thank you very much! I lost 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) in that first week. The 10 days that followed consisted of a shake in the morning, soup for lunch and a light meal. I’m eating out and going to dinners but just being sensible.

I got sick of the shakes so I had my last one yesterday and here is the real challenge will I still be able to lose weight with just depending on me being smart and logical about what I eat? I have downloaded an app that counts calories to help me out.

I haven’t had any sugar in my drinks. I haven’t had any bread at all. I have had a couple of chocolates or a taste of a dessert but haven’t had a full dessert. I’m doing a few things now to lose weight like taking a cold bath in the morning for 15 minutes! And having black coffee as soon as I wake up then not eating for 3 hours after. And running around like an idiot for 15 minutes before I eat then waiting 15 minutes then eating. Taking raspberry ketone supplements. Needless to say my friends think I am insane. All these things are accumulated from different books so have no idea what is working and what isn’t to tell you the truth. As long as I continue to feel as good and energized as I feel now and as long as I am eating enough to not be hungry I’m happy!

I only weighed myself once again after the first week about a week later after adding the dinners and I had lost 600 grams. So not bad! Since then I haven’t weighed myself. I may do in another week. I know the number isn’t important really the way the clothes fit is more important but there is a number I want to get back to . it’s important to me. So yes, I’m vain that way. My clothes are fitting better and some are actually too big! So Yay.

Now, Challenge, I’m going away next week. Bonus is I get to walk a lot where I’m going. Draw back is so much food so much junk so much yummy stuff! I mean if I’m counting calories then french toast with syrup (which is something I’m seriously craving) is over a third of my calories for the day! Hilaaaarious! Lets see what happens!

Going to sit down to my yummy sushi dinner. Best BEST crunchy tuna salad ever from Sushi Yushi (they deliver and now know me by name and by order).


  1. Awesome, that’s a really greatbresult! I am tempted to try this but I wonder if you felt easily tired and low on energy.
    Is this upcoming vacation to a land which is gloomy, foggy, cold and generally suffering from miserable weather?

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