Good Feeling

One of the nicest feelings in the world is being missed. So thank you for the emails and comments asking where I am!

Where am I? Here! Not much to report really. Right now I’m sitting in my living room waiting for 9 pm to come along so I can go check B’s temperature and pray that it’s gone down. Otherwise I’ll have to wake him and stick him in a luke warm bath. Or maybe just do cold compresses instead. It depends on how high his temp is. It’s horrible when children are sick. Even when it’s just a cold.

I just checked on him and thank God it’s down. Next dose of medication is at 2 am. Baby is sleeping. Older kids are still out. Husband is traveling. I’m still dieting. What the hell am I going to do till 2 am! X factor is on so I have the next hour covered I guess. Sad sad sad.

Sorry for the little substance in this post. I just wanted to say quickly that I am working on posts with more substance and thank you for missing me!


One thought on “Good Feeling

  1. Om Lujain says:

    Allah shfee… hope the fever goes down permanently.. and do you not download tv shows that is what I live for.. I barely watch regular tv anymore.. I would go crazy looking for something decent to watch… even with :D Nice to see your quick update! :D

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