I’m having food issues. The issue being I can’t stop eating it. I spent a good 2 months dieting which was fine and while I was in the middle of it all I was motivated and happy and didn’t feel the need to eat chocolates or bread or sugar or deserts. Then we went skiing and I rationalized pigging out epically with the fact that I was burning so much skiing. And amazingly I didn’t gain weight despite that fact that I basically ate cheese with different garnishes the whole time we were there. breakfast lunch and dinner.

Then I came back and we were in the hospital with my grandmother then there was the funeral. And as I always do in stressful, sleep depriving situations I eat. I thought I would go on a juice diet for a few days to detox from all the cheese but after doing it twice already I could not bare doing another week of it to tell you the truth. I know I have gained some weight already. not a huge amount but if it’s going up it will continue to go up.

Now I am in a kind of funk. I don’t really want to do anything but (you guessed it) eat. Any suggestions? I really really really don’t want to gain all the weight I lost. My thought is to go on some sort of restrictive diet for a week to reboot and stop bingeing.

today I thought I would just cut our all the fatty stuff and it started out with a high protein breakfast and lunch and loads of water and a salad for a snack. Then I found myself having a frothy cappuccino with sugar. And before I knew it I was having spaghetti with butter and parmesan and chocolate pizza for dessert.

Ok. Lets do this (yes talking to myself now, excuse me) Saturday! No, Sunday (going out for lunch and dinner saturday). So, Sunday! Cut the crap food and work out. Start doing the insane little things I was doing when I was dieting (random 5 min exercises every hour. Walk around the house for an hour with kids following till they got bored, squats a half hour before eating, etc).

D if you’re reading this I know we said yesterday, while we were eating Pain Perdu with vanilla ice cream, that today would be the day we start but as you read above I failed miserably so sorry. I am serious about starting on Sunday though! 

Apparently the more people you tell the more likely you will stick to a diet because letting your self down without anyone knowing is easier than letting yourself down in front of others. How sad is that? So I’m going on a diet again.


  1. Forgive me if I sound ilke a Mama Bedu armchair psychologist. You’ve just had a great loss and are still in mourning. It is natural to react with something that can give you comfort or a sense of feeling full to compensate for the loss. I would suggest to change and vary your routine with new activities. Try a new type of craft or project with the children. Keep busy and engaged with activities that will take your mind off of eating.

    If I can also suggest, would you share some posts with your readers about your Grandmother? I’m sure it would make you feel better, especially with what a very special relationship you had.

    Big Hugs, B.

    Mama Bedu

    • Dear Mama Bedu,
      Thank you (hugs) You are totally right I know. Everything seemed to be in some sort of a slump because the kids were off school as well and everything else was on pause. But kids are back in school and I have stuff to do! So I know I will get back to normal soon.

      As for writing about my grandmother there is so much to say! And inshallah I will start sharing soon.


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