As I sit/lay here on my couch with my lovely little fever given to me so graciously by my lovely little children who each took turns coughing, sneezing and throwing up on me. So I sit here feeling dizzy and waiting to be fed what I am sure will be an amazing meal by my cousin who is currently in the kitchen sorting it all out.

So how well have I done with the list of betterments? Honestly I haven’t even started! I got back from NY on last Wednesday so was in a jet lag stupor for a few days that merged into J getting sick then B getting sick then I had one day of no one being sick and now I am sick. But I will evaluate my progress none the less. (you never know, maybe on a subconscious level I was trying to stick to the list)

1) Always put down what I’m doing and greet my family properly when I see them.
Yeah probably didn’t do that too well to tell you the truth they were lucky if they got a grunt. In my defence ‘what ever I was doing’ was taking temperatures, calming crying 3 year olds and bribing medication down their throat and sometimes unfortunately cleaning same medication once it decided to come back up again.

2) Not talk behind people’s backs. Did this well! Unless typing behind peoples back is included… hmmm.

3) Be patient with people who’s jobs suck even if they are not the cheeriest people. I did not interact with many people but when I was cleaning sick at 3 am I did say a little payer of gratitude for anyone who has ever done this for me when I was a child or for anyone else for that matter because it’s a horrible thing to do. And believe me it is hard being cheery when you’re doing it. Side note: Last time B was unwell he was sick in my bed laying beside me. This time he was sick in his bed and after he finished he said, with a huge grin, “mama you remember last time I hiccuped (threw up) in your bed! You remember?” Ah the memories.

4) I will hold myself up to the standards I hold my children to. Wasn’t holding any children to any standards this week really. Was just hoping they hold their food down and hold their coughs in around the non sick ones.

5) When someone needs help and I can offer it I should offer it. Again not interacted with anyone whom I wouldn’t normally help on a day to day bases.

6) Spend more one on one time with my children. Managed to do this with J and B who were stuck to me the whole time through their sickness. Actually this is the only thing I was consciously trying to do with all of them starting by individual bedtime stories. They have loved it and honestly so have I. Bedtime now takes a minimum of 45 minutes but thats fine.

7) If something needs to get done I will do it NOW not come back to it later. Yes! In all of this daze I have managed to make some phone calls and do some things I have been delaying.

8) Get fit. ooooh get FIT not get FAT. Sorry, misread that one.

9) Not do any work between the time the children get home from school until they sleep. Ok failed but partly because everyday but today at least one of my children was home from school.

10) Not check my blackberry or ipad every minute when I am with my children, family or any company for that matter. while I can’t say I did this totally I have been trying. So for example my phones get left in a totally other room to the one I am in! How impressive is that.

So lets call this a test run. Or better yet a rehearsal or warm up even and start all over again once I am over this cold.

Oh my God my cousin has made us appetisers! Heaven! I see pasta and something with loads of bread! I Have to go gorge myself. (It was fat right? oh! Fit! Yes next week when I’m better…)


  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself dear ;-) as mothers, too often we push ourselves too much for others and while that is an admirable trait, we need to let loose time to time.

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