Aaaaaaand we’re back.

Well, after a three and a half hour car drive we are back in Riyadh. The first hour of the ride was spent with me sleeping and the kids watching their Ipads. The second hour was spent with me reading twitter, playing 4pics1word (if that’s the correct name for it). The next 30 mins was spent forcing my kids to read and the last hour was spent getting over the drama the 30 minutes of reading produced and handing out punishments for the reactions to this 30 minutes of reading. It was also spent iPad free till they wore me out the last 10 minutes before we got home. I figure they don’t have it during the week so they can detox till Wednesday.

I had S and J in my room last night for a sleep over. And we all slept quite well! I woke around 7 am and spent a ridiculous amount of time after that trying to wake them! At one point I tried to coax S out of bed with promises of pancakes and french toast. J said “sleeping is better” and S grunted an agreement. Anyway as a punishment to him I took pictured of him sleeping with bed head and all and posted them on instagram.

Sometime in the middle of all the ‘trying to wake them’ up B ran in and was trying to help me. We gave up and I told him to run and get dressed and I’ll get dressed and we can go get french toast and pancakes at the restaurant. Once S and J realised that we would in fact leave them behind, they got out of bed.

I can’t blame them for being so tired though. We got into bed at a decent (ish) hour and I promised them we would watch a bit of TV before we slept. They stared at me as if I was turning orange and growing wings because we don’t do TV before bedtime ever but that’s what rules are made for, to be broken and have your kids look at you like you are the coolest being that has ever walked the earth.

I switched the TV on and the first thing on it was the movie Annie. J had never seen it but S says he has although I can’t remember him ever watching it. Anyway they both got into it. We tuned in just as Annie was meeting Mr. Warbucks. I love this movie! If you overlook the ridiculousness of Annies character and how annoyingly good she was this is one of my favourite movies when I was a child.

About 10 minutes into the movie (which was showing on MBC 3) I realised that there were bits missing. It was censored. At first I though why the hell would the censor Annie! There were a lot of the songs that were missing completely and some they only showed part of. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. But as some scenes started I found myself tensing up not wanting to have to explain what was happening in them to my kids and was happy for the save of the censors.

For example, how drunk miss Haneggan was all the time! There was no way to censor that all of her drunckeness or there wouldn’t be a Miss Haneggan because she was always dunk! But they tried. The other bit that I was happy to skip was when Mr. Warbucks went to the orphanage to adopt Annie and Miss Haneggan was flirting with him for want of a better word:

I mean really “must you upset me, why don’t you pet me?”. And the garters are a little much.

Another part is when her brother Rooster and his girlfriend show up at the orphanage and are looking for Annies locket so they can pretend to be her parents and claim the reward money. I distinctly remember the part when rooster finds the locket and they do the dance and his girl friend is laying on the table and he is above her holding the locket. You know when they start singing “easy street”? Hold on… this is it:

So ok this part is not as bad as I remember it but it must have seemed bad to me when I was a child. Honestly, maybe I’m a bit of a prude but the blond woman’s dress it too low cut and the dancing is raunchy.

Then we get to the ending which is truly terrifying. I am not sure if you rememeber it (I am looking for a clip) but after Annie tears up the check Rooster swears he will kill her and Miss Haneggan is truly terrified he actually will kill her and runs after him to stop him. Rooster ends up hitting Miss Haneggan to get her to back off and she falls unconscious to the floor. A bit much no?

The part where Annie is holding on for dear life at the top or a very high bridge is thrilling. It is really scary but I loved that when I was a child.

Having said all that I would probably let my kids watch the whole thing uncensored as it’s quite a shame they didn’t get to see the full songs but I would watch it with them to answer any questions. I mean I never realised one of the characters in Grease* thought she was pregnant and I watched that movies religiously for years while I was growing up.

On the list of movies I watched as a child that I want my children to see are:

The Little Princess (1939 with Sherley Temple)

Babes in Toyland (1961 original movie, never saw the one with Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves. Any good?)

The Dancing Princesses (From Fairy Tale Theatre 1987)

*corrected original post where I got the story wrong lol.

So what do you think of Annie being a bit too raunchy and violent? Are there any other movies you re-watched as an adult and saw in a different light? Does it really matter if we do, as adults, see them this way since most probably it’s totally going over the children’s heads? I do believe children should watch age appropriate material because their brains are not mature enough to understand and process too much violence or adult material but we need not go overboard I think .


  1. In my opinion, the raunchy parts are to keep the adults in the theater entertained. Remember, Annie was on broadway first. I never saw it as overly raunchy and my daughter loved it, too.
    As for Grease, Rizzo isn’t pregnant, she just suspects she’s pregnant then finds out she isn’t. There’s no abortion. Abortions were very illegal and dangerous in the 50’s, the era when Grease occurs.

    • Ah ok! Thanks for the correction. I haven’t watched Grease since I was a child and must have got the abortion idea from somewhere lol. But still I didn’t even realise she thought she was pregnant.

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