Some Time Away

Last night I told my children that I was off for a small trip for 2 nights this weekend. J protested and asked how come and why she couldn’t come. I explained that its a grown up trip and she wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. B, who is 3 i might ad, said “its your day off?: God love this child. I said “EXACTLY!, its mama’s day off!” he then said “do mamas get days off?” well this mama does and is very grateful for it.
I have been under an especially unusual amount of pressure and stress lately and have not been able to deal with it properly so it’s manifesting in uncontrollable crying at soppy adverts or songs, hair loss, psoriasis and tummy aches. So I am hoping this day and a half away will be the right medicine to help me get back in control of my crazy because I have things to do that the crazy is interfering with.
Life isn’t always what we think it would be or should be. But sometimes it veers so far off the path you planned for that you have to face the fact that you may end up somewhere you neither wanted to be or planned to be in. So do you take the reins and force the horse, wagon and everyone else on it to go back to where you think you should be? Or do you continue down this path and deal with the consequences of who or what will still be with you at the end of the road?
Right now I am tired of fighting and tired of thinking. My path is taking me to the sea side and all I have to decide now is do I sunbath or have a massage? All mama’s should have days off.


  1. Mama B! Just have a lovely time there, I promise you once you unpack etc you will forget all this ;) xxxxxx

  2. Well done for recognising what you need and taking action ..You give so much to your family and others it is now time for you , relax enjoy and take more time if you need it xx

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