Trip (And Fall)

So the post before last wasn’t well received by my travel mates. In fact it ignited a wave of hilarity about my current state of mind. Or laughing at my current state of mind to be precise which is why I love who I am here with.

I’m missing my kiddie pies. I really need to organise my working life to stop when the older kids get home from school. B gets home and goes right to sleep and when he wakes S and J are home. Special K is always around and on top and underneath and everywhere all the time. He turned one last month, my little munchkin. He has decided he doesn’t want to walk and I don’t blame him since he is, quite honestly, amazing at crawling and very very speedy. The only issue is when he does want to go fast he puts his head down and takes off, constantly testing my speed and agility to see if I can catch him before he rams into the wall. Fun fun fun.

I’m working on some posts with more substance I promise.

It’s been so lovely here! Although everyone was surprised at how not at peace with nature I am. I would prefer a fully sealed room to the more natural bungalows we are in. I would choose a clean, chlorinated pool to the sea. I mean seriously people, it’s totally not our territory and if something attacks us we’re screwed and we asked for it. I like hearing the birds over breakfast but I would prefer it be from behind a glass window in an air conditioned room. You get the point. So yes, I was always thought of as the ‘hippie’ one and I am as far as the hair and clothing go (long skirts, long hair, flowery dresses etc) Thats about it.

We spent a good portion of our trip (and fall) laughing and we plan to spend the rest in giggles thoroughly annoying the couples all around us who expected to have a romantic quiet time!
Here is the weirdest bit; There are a lot of families here. Loads of children varying in age from 5 days to 5 years. And none of them make a sound! I am serious! They are so quiet it eerie. In fact the adults are quiet too. We suspect they put something in their food or something. Why they skipped giving us the secret quite potion is beyond us though. But if they sold some I would totally buy it.

We wanted to eat on one of the resort restaurants for dinner and they made such a hoopla about finding us a table because we didn’t book in advance. We headed to the restaurant in groups and when I arrived with the first group, we walked into the reception area and it was dead quiet. Then they walked us out on the terrace where it was also dead quiet and I thought why have they told us it’s fully booked when there’s no one here! ThenI looked out onto the terrace and every table was full of couples sitting there… in total silence! Literally not a word out of them! Not even a whisper. The second group arrived and walked out onto the terrace. One of them said “HI!” and the rest of us all responded with a “SHHHHHHHHH”. We thought maybe there was an unwritten rule saying we had to be quiet! Theres something in the water I tell you.

But reardless of the quiet daze everyone else was in we were loud and happy and laughing and we even had sparklers and a bunch of pictures where we nearly set my sisters hair on fire trying to light these sparklers above her head.

We are down to the last couple of hours before we head home now. I wouldn’t ask for more time here but I would ask to do this a few times a year! 2 nights away somewhere with your closest friends and family where your only choices are swim in the sea or swim in the pool. What more do you need.

What are you thinking?

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