7 years! (And twice in as many days) 


I just got a message from WordPress celebrating the anniversary of the first time I posted! I didn’t realize this when I posted this morning!

To commemorate this momentous event that I accidentally stumbled upon I have chosen the posts that stick out the most in my quick scroll through the last 7 years!

The post that started this whole thing off: Last day of Ramadan first day of blogging.  

The post where I thought I had lost weight and turns out I was wearing my husbands clothes. 

The post about becoming a Hajja.

My most popular post: why Arab women are the root of all evil.  Altho I must say I don’t think this is at all even close to my best post. But the title is what pulls people in and I have to mention it here.

The post I wrote when I turned 31. It was (as the title says) long and self indulgent… but what is a personal blog really bu that.

The post where I remembered who I am.  And I’m introduced to Ed Sheeran (his music not him unfortunately)

The post when Saud said Fudge (but with a uck at the end) He was 7 at the time and thats exactly the same time Abdullah said it! So to answer the question I asked in this post 7 is about the age they learn swear words apparently.

The one where I celebrate turning 30. Yes I know a bit confusing since I had celebrated turning 31 just  few lines up. This post was written when a cousin of mine was feeling less than thrilled about turning 30.

My 100th post! All the way from LA.

The timeline post ❤️ Would tell you what this is all about but then that would ruin it.

The post about truths you learn when you become a parent. 

The post about the arrival of Special K ❤️

The post about my days with a new born. Repeating them now is funny… I manage to get out of my PJ’s faster tho.

The post about the driving campaign that touched a few nerves. Again, like the previous post about Arab women this is definitely not one of my favourites or best written but it is one of those that gets a lot of attention. I do stand by what I wrote still today so here it is.

The post about being good at work. This was written when I was drowning in work and stress like anyone who has ever started their own business would be. (I wonder if the answers would change today if they were asked it again.)

The post I wrote about Play when i was studying for my coaching.

The post about my first 10k. I run like a girl, and im proud of it!

My letter to my daughter when she turned 10. 

The posts about hiking up Jabal shams. The day before and the hike itself.

The post about the Kumquat (a letter to my unborn child)

The post about the love of art and raising artistic children.  By far my favourite piece of writing. It’s all the best things of my childhood rolled into one. We really had a magical one!

I have mixed emotions looking back on the last 7 years… I saved so many memories when I was blogging consistently and I’m a little sad that so much has been forgotten since I stopped posting regularly. A good reason to reinvigorate my writing bug!

What are you thinking?

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