Sporadic Book Club FAQ

Open books, Abstract blur and defocused bookshelf in library interior for background

Lets pretend I’ve been asked these questions before… altho how I have “frequently asked questions” about something I have just announced is hilarious.

How are the books chosen?
Every month I will choose two books and publish a post with the titles. On Instagram you will be able to vote for the book you like the most. The next day I will announce the book most voted for.

Are you open to suggestions?
ALWAYS! Please send me suggestions on instagram or here!

How long do we have to read the book?
Between 4-5 weeks from announcing the book. This gives everyone time to order the book if its not available here. 

Where can I find the books?
Altho Jarir is not too bad with popular titles, we may not be able to find the ones we choose there. Our best bet is Amazon, kindle or audible. Audio books are amazing! I never used to think so but then I got sucked in! I will always try to choose from something availabel.

Do we actually meet?
No, this is a digital book club. So all discussions will happen here and on instagram.

But I want to meet!
I know exactly what you mean! I have started this book club with a few people I know. Since I am a lot less adventurous then I think I am, I have decided to limit the face to face meetings to people I know or people that the people I know know. (will give you a few seconds to let the way I massacred the sentence sink in.)

If you have stumbled upon this blog and like the book selection, I encourage you to start your own group! I’ll gladly send you book club questions if you want and give any advice I can (keeping in mind I am mostly winging this).

I didn’t manage to read the whole book…
Life happens. As long as you are actually interested in reading it and don’t mind having the story spoiled then read and participate in the discussion blog. If not then just come back when you have finished it!

I’ll continue to populate this list with questions when someone actually asks me them.

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