The Sporadic Book Club


I’m starting a digital book club! And you will want to be part of it!

Want to know why?

Lets start with the what…

What is a sporadic book club?

It’s one that’s run by me! Me who is notoriously, stupidly, busy. And, decided to run a book club anyway (and is preempting any expected drop-offs in the schedule by calling it “sporadic” to begin with). You cant exactly complain that the sporadic book club has been sporadic lately right?

Why this book club will work for you:

1-It’s about the experience and the feeling, not literary analysis. 

Let’s call it the book club for laymen. Yes, we will appreciate a beautiful turn of phrase but it’s about how the book made you feel. We have discussions filled with feeling and opinions based on emotion. Why complicate it?

2- If there’s a movie, we’re watching it!

Great books get made into great movies. But, generally, the book is always better. Whenever we pick a book that’s been made into a movie we will follow it up with a movie night, popcorn and all, before the discussion. “Why would we do that?” you think since the book is always better? to have something argue about. 

3- It’s guilt-free. 

Couldn’t finish the book? Don’t worry! Life happens. And I was going to read the book with or without you so no need to feel like you let anyone down (except yourself…but that’s another issue) And maybe you want to have the book suggestions and not necessarily the meetings. This is going to be a low key affair.

4- It’s not only books. 

We’re going to have articles, short stories and poems as well. So even if you don’t have time for the book, join us for the shorter pieces.

5- You don’t have to go to a meeting at all!

Every book chosen will have a blog post with it (the length of which is dependant on how much time and emotion I want to put into it) but the point of it is not to hear myself talk (read myself think?) but to hear everyone’s opinions on the book. Let’s call it the book club for introverts? Just add your comments on the blog or on instagram @Ya_Mama_KSA! 

All clear? Great! Need more answers? Check out the FAQ post or email me!

One last thing, there is a theme to this sporadic book club (which I don’t promise to abide by all the time but mostly). Our theme is family dynamics

Books about mothers and daughters. siblings. generations of one family, lost family, found family. Some books draw me the most, I think because they have something familiar enough to touch me but different enough to give me a new experience.

To join, just sign up to the blog! And wait to get an email about our latest selection or follow me on Instagram!


What are you thinking?

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