What The Mountain Taught Us

*This post was posted last week then seems to have disappeared! I apologise. Cant find it anywhere! Only found the old version of it in drafts. First off, Oman! You are beautiful. I mean I heard you were before, but I didn't realize! Your landscape, Your greenery, the wadi's the peaks, the people! I know I have … Continue reading What The Mountain Taught Us

The Mountain Will Take Care Of Its Self

I'm on a flight now with my husband and two eldest children about to take off to Muscat. A few weeks ago I got a message about the Husaak Jabal Shams Challenge and thought why not! When I told my husband I was beyond delighted he wanted to do it as well. I contacted the … Continue reading The Mountain Will Take Care Of Its Self

‘Wh0 Wants A Mommy With A Moustache?’ A must read for new mothers

A few weeks ago I received and email asking me to feature a new humour book for moms called 'Who Wants A Mommy With A Moustache'. Obviously the title intrigued me. Attached to the email were a few of the pages of this bilingual, pocket sized books aimed at new mothers. It's hilarious! Written in rhyme, … Continue reading ‘Wh0 Wants A Mommy With A Moustache?’ A must read for new mothers

To My 10 Year Old Daughter

“Having a little girl has been like following an old treasure map with the important paths torn away.” Heather Gudenkauf, My daughter and I have known each other intimately for 10 years and 9 months. She has known me from my insides out . And yet she is an enigma to me. If I were to write a … Continue reading To My 10 Year Old Daughter

Run like a girl

Disclaimer: This is a very long post all about how "my life got twist, turned upside down" . sorry, S is now into The Fresh Prince of Belair and I have that stuck in my head. It is all about my journey from couch potato to 10k run. It is not, however, a how to. You may think then why write it? Because the journey was fun! And exciting and I'm proud of myself! There will never again be a first 10k for me. And I know I won't run a marathon ever because I am not interested in black toe nails and collapsing. And this is why I wanted to memorialise it in this blog post.