Gorgeous Blogger Award

I logged on to my blog today and found I had a big spike in views. Upon further investigation (and because I had not said anything profound and invaluable today to justify the spike) I found out that Carol Fleming (American Bedu) had nominated me for the Gorgeous Blogger Award!

“The Gorgeous Blogger award is awarded to all awesome bloggers. You must answer the five questions regarding your blog and then pass the award on to five others you think deserve this award.”

Below are the answers to the 5 questions and my nominees. Thank you Carol :-)

1- When did you start your blog?
September last year, so I am pretty much a newbie.

2-What do you write about?
Being a Saudi, Muslim mother of three beautiful children and about parenting in general. As I said in other descriptions, it’s not a ‘how to’ it’s more of a rant.

3- What makes your blog special?
I enjoy writing it so much. And I think it shows. It also maybe gives a non political insight into family life in Saudi. But most of all it is honest and I only write about what I know. What really makes it special are the regular readers who visit and comment. Some I feel like I actually know personally. Not sure how weird that is though lol.

4-What made you want to start writing a blog?
I love writing. I also thought it was a great way to document family memories that might be forgotten. I didn’t have any expectations when I started but I enjoyed it so much and Alhamdulilah so did other people.

5-What would you like to change in your blog?
I would like more reader participation really. But I do not think I am there yet. When I build up enough readers I will definitely look into that. What do you think I should change? Layout? Graphics? Pages?

The 5 bloggers I nominate are

Carol Fleming at American Bedu
Karyn Van Der Zwet at Kloppenmum
Umm Lujain at Lost in Riyadh
Chris Jordan at Notes from The Trenches
Lenore Skenazy at Free Range Kids


  1. Great News….I think Blogging is a wonderful way for mums to stay connected …Parenting can be intense and sometimes overwhelming, particularly if there are special needs or circumstance invoved in what is the most demanding ‘ job ‘ a woman can ever undertake…….and so underestimated by the uninishiated…
    Well done ‘ Mum’s ‘ everywhere….keep blogging!

  2. Thanks, Mama Bee. :)
    I love the insights into your life and Saudi culture that your blog offers, and we can pretend we know each other – even if it is a bit weird!

  3. You deserve to win for several reasons First, you write wonderfully, second because your ideas are approached in a original manner, and third because your committed to expressing your self without self censorship :)
    i wish you all the best

    • Thank you. That means a lot! I sill can’t believe I didn’t major in some wort of form or writing. There’s still time I guess.

  4. Wow..great news…Your blog is very special..its simple..funny and honest..
    Hope you win….Good luck

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