قالو لي إنت سعودي؟
قلت بكل فخر: إي نعم
قالولي: من وين بالضبط؟
قلت: كل بقعة من بلادي أنا منها..
قالو: حدد ..
قلت: وش خانة القلب بليا شرايينه؟ !
قالولي: كيف هالغلا إنوجد؟
قلت: اللهم لا حسد)
قالو: شبل السعودية صمد..
قلت: ماعندنا أشبال.. إحنا أصغرنا أسد
اللهم إحفظ ديرتنا من كل شر و إحفظ أهلها و ولاة أمرها

They said: are you Saudi?
I said with pride: I am.
They said: which part exactly?
I said: Every part.
They said: be more specific.
I said: What are the parts of the heart without its veins?
They said: How is this love found?
I said: May God protect us.
They said: the Saudi cubs stood strong.
I said: We have no cubs, even our youngest are born lions.

That is only one part of what is being tweeted today. All is quiet. My husband and son went and prayed in the mosque like every friday. All was quiet there. May God protect our country and its people.


    • Thank God everything is fine here. But we continue to pray for the people of Bahrain and the for the senseless chaos and violence to stop. As the crown prince said the legitimacy of their grievances are no excuse to cause mayhem in their own country. It is one thing for them to protest and another thing completely for them to attack universities and private homes. May Allah be with them and may they reach a peaceful solution and may all who caused an ounce of fear in the Bahraini people be held accountable.

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