in 2002 I got married at my grandmother’s house surrounded by my family and friends.

in 2003 I had my son at around 1 a.m. after 24 hours of labour and a dodgy epidural.

in 2006 I had my daughter after 3 hours of labour and no time for an epidural.

in 2009 I had my second son with an epidural to start with and then none when it was truly needed.

My words to my husband as soon as Baby B was born were  “I can’t do this again! I am not joking!”

in April 2012 I hope to be eating my words and welcoming the new, and last, addition to our family.

13 weeks down, 187 days to go.


  1. masha’allaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… ALF ALF ALF Mabroooook!!! I am saying the same NEVER as we speak.. my third child 3boodi is 4 months.. and I really can’t handle anymore.. lol… Alf Mabrook.. and I LOVE how your announced it <3

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