in 2002 I got married at my grandmother’s house surrounded by my family and friends.

in 2003 I had my son at around 1 a.m. after 24 hours of labour and a dodgy epidural.

in 2006 I had my daughter after 3 hours of labour and no time for an epidural.

in 2009 I had my second son with an epidural to start with and then none when it was truly needed.

My words to my husband as soon as Baby B was born were  “I can’t do this again! I am not joking!”

in April 2012 I hope to be eating my words and welcoming the new, and last, addition to our family.

13 weeks down, 187 days to go.

13 thoughts on “Timeline…

  1. Om Lujain says:

    masha’allaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… ALF ALF ALF Mabroooook!!! I am saying the same NEVER as we speak.. my third child 3boodi is 4 months.. and I really can’t handle anymore.. lol… Alf Mabrook.. and I LOVE how your announced it <3

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