VOTY awards!

I have been trying to find myself a computer to write this post as the last two things I wrote on my phone hardly made any sense and took ages. I failed and ended up buying a portable keyboard for my iPad.

Unimportant information aside; WMB Nominated a post I wrote for them titled “But for the grace of our men” for the BlogHer Op-Ed Voice Of The Year Award and it was amongst the ones that won. I still am in shock about it. I am honored to be part of this amazing group of women bloggers.

Honestly I feel like a bit of a fraud. Why? I head you ask in surprise. Because I pale in comparison to the women who surround me everyday. I get my inspiration from them. I admire their ideas (and steal some for my blog). I am neither the most political one (you know who you are) or the funniest (that title is split between a few of them) or the smartest (my mother) or the most well read (again not quite sure who to give that one to). So what you are getting from me is the accumulation of the amazingness that radiates from every woman in my family and friends who I am ridiculously lucky to have in my life.

This is an acceptance speech if ever I did see one! The fame has gotten to my head God help those around me. Since we are being all pompous and writing this I will continue and thank all the WMB team and especially Jennifer Burden for having me as part of this amazing community of mothers from around the world. It is such an honor. And finally (yes I am imagining holding up an award in the spot light with long ball gown and all) it’s all thanks to kloppenmum who introduced me to WMB in the first place!


  1. Congratulations!. I do think you sell yourself short. You are an amazing person. As I Said often, well before I had the pleasure in meeting you, you are truly an awesome mom! And you are one of my personal roll models in motherhood! Bravo!

    • Om Lujain you are too sweet. And you are fantastic for my ego lol. And thank you for saying what you said I am touched! Can’t wait to see you when I’m back!

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