Mama Vision

While researching styles of furniture for the house we are renovating I realized something. I have Mama Vision. What is Mama Vision I hear you ask. It is an affliction that mothers of babies or young children are cursed with and it lasts for about the first 5-6 years of their children’s lives. If after reading this post you find that you are a sufferer rest assured it is perfectly normal, and assuming you are like the majority of mothers out there, it is only temporary. However, if you do not have children under the age of 7 (maximum) and you are still afflicted with this illness then I suggest you seek medical help asap.

There is an easy way to asses if you have MV (God I hope that doesn’t stand for anything bad… Motor Vehicle?) by taking the self test below.

What are your thoughts when looking at the following images?

a) Would that look good in the garden? is it too big?


b)How easy is it to tip that over? How much does it weigh


a) I could bunch them together like that, or find a nice spot for only one.


b) How much weight could that hold? Could it withstand about 23 kg swinging from it? How sharp is that pointy bit at the bottom?


a) Stunning piece of furniture. Would look good in the living room


b) Why do they make the edges so sharp?! Is it shatter proof glass?


a) Looks really comfy.


b) It’s so…. white!


If you answer more b’s than a’s then you have Mama Vision my friend. Not only have they changed the way we live our everyday life, the little monsters have invaded our minds and adapted the way we see the world. Enjoy it now :-) I am told I am going to miss the days where my biggest worries were bumps and bruises!.



      • oh yes i went crazy baby proofing the entire house,rubber bumpers around the table,mount the TV on the wall,the little fence door on the kitchen,yet she still managed to get her self a bump or a thud daily.

  1. lol.. I def have mama vision! Its annoying my husband. We just bought a new house, and are working on furnishing and stuff.. and lets just say.. EVERYTHING i look at, I ask the same question… is it safe for the kids? Even while chosing my new bathroom and kitchen stuff, I had the same question. My kitchen is an open kitchen, and it will be part of the house, not a place I can close off from the kids…

    Its a good thing I am not the only one going nuts with that same question over, and over, and over again!

  2. This is one of the most interesting posts,
    I think that this affliction as you putt it doesn’t only curs mothers but also every practical human being that deals with its surroundings with the aim of building and maintaining a useful and happy life.
    Its not an affliction but a blessing :)

    • lol Yasser but I want beautiful sharp edged things and shiny white stuff! You can have all that! lol don’t deprive yourself! InshAllah soon enough you will have to do if for safety reasons and not only for practicality.

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