A Little Freaked Out

S and J walked in to the living room, hand in hand, and came over to me and said in union “Hello mama” and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then S started telling me about spirit animals and J interrupted him so he said very sweetly “Um, excuse me J, do you mind if I say it first?” And J said “Yes you can say it first” and he started telling me about how he wants to find his spirit animal and what I think it would be and J was saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” at everything he said. Then J asked if they could go play with Camden, and S said “It’s my turn to walk him but would you like to take my turn?” And J said “Yes, thank you S”

WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN!!! I feel like I am in the twilight zone! It’s too weird and horrible because inevitably they are going to be at each others throats and I just want that part to start! It’s like waiting for a fire cracker to go off, or a balloon to pop. Anyway… it still goes on… I am not sure what to do with it!

ok. They just had a disagreement. Not so much a fight, but it’s closer to normal than it was. It’s not that I want them to fight, I just feel like it is cruel to lull me into a false sense of security. How funny would it be if this was just them now! if they somehow miraculously changed! it would freak me out!


  1. Do you speak english with the kids? And the rest of the family(aunts/uncles/cousins etc)? Jummah Mubarak-Hope you have a nice day!! Our weekends here are Saturday/Sunday!

    • Jumaa Mbaraka to you as well. Yes I do, Both English and Arabic actually. I tent to tell them off in Arabic though lol. We made a mistake with your daughter and didn’t put enough effort into talking to her in Arabic when we were living in the UK and she struggled when we came back home but it has corrected it’s self and is getting better. My kids have problems with the feminine and masculine word. But she is getting there.

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